Ray James asked 1 min ago

I am a handsome 47 year old man. I am heterosexual straight and so hot for ladies who are pretty and have a soft curvy body. Some meat in the body curves. All my life I have been so sexually turned on by a woman\’s soft abdomen and belly button. Also I have thought of a fantasy every day of my life and my life has become taken over by this turn on. I have lived this fantasy one time with an attractive ex-girlfriend. I imagine the experience with all sexy women I see and want to do it for real with a sexy girl I may date in the future. That is myself socking her in the middle of her relaxed abdomen when she is not aware of it coming from me. Really hard going in and sinking it deep into her soft abdomen until my fist jams to a stop in her gut. I did this one time and have been turned on by the memory of her reaction every day of my life. It\’s about feeling her soft belly on my fist sinking in deep, and all about her reaction. How would she react from the pain in her stomach, and the wind being knocked right out of her. Would she make deep sounding moans and bend way over? It really turns me on. Also every form of belly play fetish with her to me and me to her. Would a sexy woman be turned on by doing this with a sexy man like me? Also, I myself was sucker punched in the middle of the stomach and it was done on purpose in front of my ex-girlfriend and her attractive friend. It was the most embarrassing incident that I have ever had happen to me. It knocked the stuffing out me and I slowly doubled over in half while holding my belly. I was honestly in so much pain that I couldn\’t help it or control it. OOOHHH my stomach OOOHHH !! Right over in half and moaning directly in front of them while they were sitting down at a table. But I couldn\’t figure out if they were turned on watching me double and moan or if they thought something else. One of the girls said OOOHHH yea. The other watched with puckkered out lips and said to me, oh honey your stomach!! OOOHHH hon, right in the stomach. Can you breathe sexy? So please explain to me your thoughts on my turn ons about this and tell me how sexy women may see it. Also tell me how a woman would react to me socking her in the tummy. Belly punching her. Thank you.