Nick asked 3 years ago

Is it normal for one of my testicles ( my left ) to hang lower beneath the right when my penis is erect ? I noticed when my girlfriend had sex in the bathroom and saw in the mirror. Is something wrong ?

1 Answers
AlinaB Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Nick,
Over 65% of men have a left testicle that hangs lower than the right, it is also 7-10% smaller than the right one and has a higher temperature. They hang at different heights due to the fact that they have separate veins and arteries that differ from each other in angle, length, and source. This particularity of the scrotum allows for testicles to keep themselves at a “sperm-friendly” temperature.
The difference in hanging level is usually more evident during sexual intercourse. To be more direct, yes it is completely normal for one of your testicles to hang lower than the other.
I hope you find this information helpful. Have a great day.