I had unprotected sex with 3 different guys in one week.. Can I have an STD or anything?..?

anonnymous asked 3 years ago

PLEASE DONT JUDGE.. I just need to know if I caught anything.
I had sex in a week with 3 different guys. One is sexually active & I don t know when his last time was but I figured it hasn t been more than a month. The other hasn t been sexual active in so long & the last guy was a Virgin. I didn t use condoms but I m just worried.. Please don t judge

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AlinaB Staff answered 3 years ago

By having multiple sexual partners you increase your chances of being infected with a STD. It is not guaranteed that you have contracted any diseases, yet it is very important to pay close attention to any changes to your body.
It is important to be aware that there are multiple sexually transmitted diseases that are not apparent or active, even after a longer period of time has passed since infection.
Even if you do not experience any troubling symptoms, I would recommend for you to consult a gynecologist if possible and have yourself tested. Seeing an expert will give you peace of mind in addition to that clean bill of health.
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