How can I lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

ogirl2003 asked 3 years ago

I ve always been big, and I ve been wanting to change but I just can t get the determination to do it. I can t explain how I feel, and I know some of y all will probably say that I need to just stop eating junk food and start running but obviously that didn t work for me. It s not just about losing weight but it s also about feeling good about myself. Not being self conscious and nervous when I m around people. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and I want to change. Not for anyone else but for me. I think if I lose weight, maybe I could enjoy life and be happy again.

I m 13 years old
190 pounds
Height is 5 3 1/2
I am female

If you have any suggestions about how to get the motivation or how to lose weight, then please leave a comment below. 😊

1 Answers
AlinaB Staff answered 3 years ago

The fact that you are already determined to change yourself, and your habits is a great start. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have to keep in mind that you are still young and that your body is still growing, and changing.
I recommend that you consult a nutritional specialist that will help you establish a personalized diet and exercise plan so that you will achieve the figure you desire in a systematic, healthy, natural way.
The best motivation you can get is : results. Once you get started, you will find yourself feeling more energetic, more optimistic, your view of yourself will change.
I hope this was helpful.
Have a great day.