Did I eat well today?

Mike asked 3 years ago

Breakfast: a chocolate rice cake bar (100cals) two carrots a plum snack: an apple Lunch: a ricecake teaspoon honey coffee Dinner: a banana a shot of vodka

1 Answers
AlinaB Staff answered 3 years ago

While the particular items you have listed here are not particularly detrimental to your health, it is not a balanced diet. I do not know your age, height or weight, but I can safely say it does not meet your daily calorie intake or nutrient requirements.
I would recommend you to strive for a well balanced diet containing proteins(meats, fish), carbohydrates(pasta, rice), vegetables, fruits and tiny amounts of sugary products.
And do not underestimate the value of water. Water is your lifeline.
I hope this was helpful.
Have a great day.