Advice on quitting soda!?

Sam asked 3 years ago

I’m 19yrs old male, and I’m addicted to drinking soda. I drink 4-5 cans daily. I thought I had diabetes and went to the doctor for a check up. Turns out I don’t have diabetes, and want to be carful. Recently I’ve been drinking a lot of water, but can’t seem to quit soda. Any advice will be appreciated.

1 Answers
AlinaB Staff answered 3 years ago

Carbonated drinks are particularly addicting due to their high-sugar content. I would recommend you start slowly limiting the quantity of cans you drink a day and by replacing those drinks with natural fruit juices. It can be a bit unnerving to kick this habit, but it is not extremely difficult to kick you addiction. As long as you are motivated, you will succeed.
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